The Church in Elyria

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I Found What Was Missing in My Life

The Lord is very wise and mysterious in His choosing and selection of His people. After 13 years of being born again and filled with His Spirit, I loved and enjoyed the Lord very much. I loved His Word and enjoyed being with His people, the church. But even with much enjoyment and fulfillment, there was a question within me that nothing or no one could answer. I wasnít sure, even, what this dissatisfaction was within me. I was sure of one thing, I was missing something in my walk with the Lord, but I didnít know what it was or where to find it!

A little over seven years ago, a brother in the Lord, with whom I have had some fellowship before, invited me to one of the meetings he was attending. This was my first time meeting with the Lordís local churches. The meeting was different from other meetings I have attended and it didnít seem to offer me anything that I hadnít already experienced of the Lord, but I had the sense within me that the Lord was there in that meeting.

Now, after seven years of hearing and reading the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, I can say with all honesty before the Lord, He sovereignly guided me to contact this ministry. Through it, I now know many truths in the Bible which I did not know before.

Within the Bible there are many truths, principles and prophecies written for Godís chosen people. But also within the Bible there is a ďdiamond in the boxĒ, the central thought of Godís purpose, which I have seen through this ministry. I knew that man is fallen and has a need, but I didnít see that God has a need. This need of God can only be met through man! The universe and everything in it, especially man, were created to meet this need of God. God needs a counterpart, a building, a dwelling place for His rest. For this need to be met, He purposed in Himself and enacted a plan to carry out His heartís desire (1 Peter 2:5; Ephesians 3:9-11)

I no longer have a lack in my being but am at peace knowing I am at home with Godís purpose and desire. I feel that the local church is an environment in which I can grow in Christ and help to meet Godís need

William E. Pearce Sr.